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A quickie

Greetings FM'ers! 

I'd like to send your way a friendly reminder to sign-up for our FMMusic Live newsletter! It's packed with goodies from our FMMusic Live's FMRoots Radio featured artists, upcoming Doc's Music Hall shows and coupons. I try to make it real pretty too! 

The next one we'll be sending your way includes an interview with The Black Belles following their performance at Center Stage. Local favorites and now Chicago inhabitants, The Bears of Blue River played a lovely set at Doc's Music Hall and joined us for the radio show as well. 

Both bands have recently released new albums.  The Black Belles Self-Titled Debut Album + The Bears of Blue River "Dames"

The show will air Monday, Feb 13th, 10 p.m. to midnight on MAX 93.5 + 96.7. Be sure to tune-in! 

You can be a part of the live recording as well! Join Mike Martin, Graham Phantom Watson and myself (Yoakam) for a riveting time at Doc's Music Hall 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the recording of FMRoots Radio. Directly following the recording, Doc's Music Hall hosts MAX MUSICIANS MONDAY'S, DOC'S MUSIC HALL, FAMILY JAM!  Come out every Monday and see the local talent and show your local talent.

Short but sweet but got to sleep! 

Just a quickie update. 

With love, 


SINDERBLOCK @ Katmandu's Bar & Grill in Jonesboro, IN







SINDERBLOCK---Went up to Jonesboro, and let me tell you, Katmandu's was NOT what I expected. It looks really small from the outside, but once you walk in, the bar just keeps stretchin WAY back there...The place is HUGE! Two bars on each side, with plenty of seating room. One side has pool tables, and a bit of an um, quieter atmosphere for those folks looking to chat with their friends. The other side, which was where I spent most of MY time, was where the Music Happened!! The owners Larry and Linda were super friendly, and they love a packed house like SINDERBLOCK brought! The crowd was SLAMMIN', literally!


SINDERBLOCK opened up to a packed house, complete with a set list from Hell, and plenty of their groupies down front headbangin'! Aaron Farr tore UP the vocals, and wasn't afraid to get in that mosh pit down front beltin' out those lyrics. They play a little Filter, White Zombie, Hell Yeah, and Godsmack...and that's just what I could remember once my ears stopped ringing. Just how I like it, LOUD...lol! Adam Moon on lead guitar was magic....you could tell that kid has had a guitar in his hand for most of his life. Brad Stevens on bass was rippin those cords like nobody's business, and lets not forget Chet Small on drums....and trust me, you won't forget this drummer anytime soon...he was GOOD. Stevens, Moon, and Small were in a previous band, DFA for over 10 years, and got together with Farr in June of 2010, they started playing live last June. These guys have only been together a short time, but I'm expecting BIG things outta them. If you wanna catch a show and thrash your skull, they will be playing there again on March 17th, and April 14th. Take a road trip and Check out Katmandu's and SINDERBLOCK...you won't be disappointed!!


And don't forget where I will be this weekend------Doc's Music Hall, checkin' out the stylings of some funk with Redic-u-lishous and Green Suga, show starts @ 10pm on Friday. Still looking for a show on Saturday, so comment below, and let me know where YOUR BAND is playing...You could be featured in my blog next week!!


Lets Get to Know Each Other...

Hey all you Music Fans!!! Know you're dying to know what Lectric.Lizard's Blog is gonna be about....Okay, I got a little dittie for ya, and it goes somethin' like this: I'm currently the owner of 'Lectric Lizard Promotions, and I do band and venue marketing. But enough about me, my blog is about the Local Indiana Music Scene, and I'm jazzed, no I'm rockin, no I'm JAMMIN with all kinds of cool footage and pics of bands/musicians in the central Indiana area! Every weekend I hit the road, and go see at least one band that I've never seen before, shoot video and pics of them. Some of them I work for, some of them I'm HOPING to work for, and some of 'em I've just heard about on FB, and decided to go and check out. I've been in and around the local music business for nearly 20 years, and owned my own venue here in Muncie. I don't play or sing myself, but I know GOOD when I hear it, and I darn sure know whether YOU will want to go and hear them too!

So if you were looking for somewhere to go next weeked, want to hear a band BEFORE you go see 'em, make sure you come and check out my blog first! I'm gonna get started with my next post...And remember folks:


We are the music-makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.
World-losers and world-forsakers,
Upon whom the pale moon gleams;
Yet we are the movers and shakers,
Of the world forever, it seems.

With wonderful deathless ditties
We build up the world's great cities,
And out of a fabulous story
We fashion an empire's glory:
One man with a dream, at pleasure,
Shall go forth and conquer a crown;
And three with a new song's measure
Can trample an empire down.

We, in the ages lying
In the buried past of the earth,
Built Nineveh with our sighing,
And Babel itself with our mirth;
And o'erthrew them with prophesying
To the old of the new world's worth;
For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth.

Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

About Time

So I created this blog about 2 weeks ago and thanks to my FMMusic Live Newsletter, I was reminded that its past due time to write another blog entry. It gave me inspiration when it told me I could "use it as a direct love-note line to Mike Martin"!!! (lawlsauce).

Anyways! I don't know how many of you are Street Team members for FM Music, but if you have yet to come to a Monday night Street Team meeting, you better get your ass on it. I've been involved with Street Team since Muncie Music Festival, and I don't think I have every had as much fun as the past 3 weeks. After the benefestival, we shot our first Street Team promotional video (by Rageview Studios). I hope you got a chance to check it out on our homepage! We have had 3 weeks of a great turnout! And the best part is that there are new faces every week!

Slowly we are growing! I need more minions!!!!! Once we have a great team of semi regular Street Teamers, we can start more project within our group! Street Teaming, believe it or not, is not just about hanging up fliers on Monday nights! We decorate for themed shows, help the bands/bar with whatever volunteer help they need, run booths or sell merchandise, Street Team Street Cleaning Crew, and eventually roll around with FM Music Travel to help promote the shows we are seeing in their local town!

Talk to me (Sam Cooper) or Bruce Fane if you have an interest in checking out our FM Music Street Team. You can always show up at one of our meetings Monday nights at Docs Music Hall at 6 for pizza, beer (21+), and hitting the town. AND you can find us on facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/255692621155507/ or shoot us an email at fmmusic.streetteam@gmail.com

Well Helloo!

The name is Stephanie Schroeder. I am an intern for FM Music Live, of which, I am very happy to be a part of. This is an exciting time for them (us, now!), and I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and months!

A bit about me:

I am a senior at Ball State.

Public Relations major

Communications Studies minor

I plan to make my career in the music and entertainment industry

I love event planning, and problem solving

...and music and entertainment

I am from Valparaiso, Indiana

Ohhh.. beautiful Indiana =]

I love most genres of music, but I am mostly into jam bands, alternative rock, classic rock, raggae and electronic dance music.

guilty pleasure: Ke$ha.. oddly enough.

I have been listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers all day, needless to say it's been a good day =]

I love my families. <3

I just got back from my first meeting so bear with me, I'll know more soon!

What I will be doing for FM Music: As an intern, my responsibilities include: Blogging! (outreach to new bloggers, maintaining blogs), social media upkeep, raising public awareness about the organization, working with the media, and I am sure many other things (that I don't know about yet, let's call them surprises!). I am sure I'll have a better idea in the next week or so.

What I will be doing for you: I want to get as much participation as possible in the coming weeks, this is something that is truly going somewhere and we want you to be a part of it! Whether you're a musician starting out, a seasoned musician, or just someone who loves music, We want to hear from you! Get yourself a blog (it's easy!), and share your music, your experience, your passion, your ideas, say whatever you want!

I'll be back soon! Get involved people! I love you all.

My First Blog eVER!

            Well hey guys! Welcome to my blog! I'm currently sitting at Doc's right now working with Mike Martin on some FM Music Street Team junk. We had a fantastic meeting this Monday (Jan 9th) night. My friend Caleb came out with me for his first meeting and I told him on the way home "I hope you had fun. That was actually the most fun I've had at a Street Team meeting so far!"  I saw some new faces at the meeting too!  (not really new to me, but to Street Team).  Thanks to Brandon, Beth, Caryn, and Natalie who all came out.  And I can never thank Jon enough for being as awesome as he is!  And very active in his band's (Tonal Caravan)  Street Teaming.


       A little more about me. The names Samantha Cooper, but most of you will know me as Cooper. I've lived in good old Muncie for about 4 years now and am happy to call it my home (for now). I got involved with FM Music's Street Team a few months ago for Muncie Music Festival.  I came on and off for a few weeks and then got highly involved about 2 months ago.   I'm always at Docs for one reason or another and being a FM Street Team member makes me part of the operations here.   And let me tell you,  it's twice as much fun at Docs if you are active within the venue.


    I guess thats going to be all for now!  Have a meeting for FM Music!  Come check out Street Team every Monday at 6 at Docs!


We are in Florida

Ok so the FM team is a little sleep deprived, but we have logged many miles in order to enjoy a fantastic concert with Rich Hardesty, and partay on the beach.

Ben is spinning his I pod and guiding us at the Helm of Explorer I and our fearless leader is passed the eff out.
He looks adorable though like a little kid when he is asleep.

I managed to lose my glasses, in the van.

I logged 400 miles in my leg of the journey... I am a good driver, despite being both blonde and a girl. Pretty sure I done fucked the gas mileage because we had some awesome dance music going for a little bit and my lead foot takes over.

Just a note I flipping HATE driving through construction, mountain downgrades, and curves... and especially hate them at night and I did all three at once. Thank you Tennessee.

I was reminded of a childhood nostalgia, when we passed a Shoneys restaurant.

I absolutely adore my travelling companions. So much fun.

I am seeing that the future FM Music Live trips are gonna be a blast.

Stay tuned for more from the road.

Live from the Van

I am certain, that indeed instead of horrifying Mike, that I myself have been horrified.
It' is gonna be one hell of a trip people. Mike Martin, Sexy Bruce, Heather Lynn Hoover, Ben Fuchs, and two unusally lucky women that we haven't picked up yet are on the road to Fort Myers Florida.

So far so good, we had a change of drivers while people were going down the road, and generally getting to know each other.

We are safe and obeying all speed limit laws at least while Bruce is driving. I tend to have a bit of a lead foot.

We have broken into the Kinky and Orgy liqueors, with 7-up. Let me just say that stuff is tasty.

Heather brought yummy salsa, and we're on our way.

I'll check back in a little later with ya'll. We're just about to Fishers to pick up the contest winners.

Rich Hardesty got a head start on us this morning at about 3 am.

If anybody is looking for something fun to do wh ile yo're missing sexy bruce, check out the Pirates of the road Losing September videos on Youtube.

MJ Out.

On the road again

The familiar Willie Nelson tune rplays back in my head as I am bouncing up and down waiting for the band van to pick me up at my house. :) I have settled all my things i the office, even troubleshooting an issue via text message while at the bank cashing in my Christmas money. Even last night at karaoke i could see the excitement building while talking shop with Ben Fuchs regarding video production and camera coverage.

I am super excited to be a part of what FM Music is doing. They arent grassroots by any means, but growing with each day. It seems that they are recruiting more and more bright minds excited about music and with the ability to put in hard work to achieve goals.

Plus people like me who love music, and are fortunate enough to also like writing, thus sharing it with the interwebz.

I have heard that since my blog has been used as a promotional tool that there has been an increase in downloads of shows done by Tonal Caravan which is fantastic news! I am hopeful that other musicians chronicled in my adventures in bandlands are as fortunate :)

I am off to Florida to see the fabulous Rich Hardesty and party like it is 1999 with Heather Lynn Hoover, Michael Martin, and severall others! Keep checking back to see what adventures are in store, and have a safe and happy new year! May your world be filled with mAny beautiful melodies, and strike a chord somewhere in your life.


So I went to a Metal Show... even though I don't like Metal.

I am at a very metal Christmas, which seems to be held in a gym at a daycare... It is a new venue opening up called the B.A.T. Look for more coming up from them on facebook.... lots of talent booked at this show... but I only caught 2 of the bands on the line-up Above all Nations, and Ampheon.