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Mr. Ferlinghetti FRIDAY enjoy all :)

“Fuck Art, let's Dance!”― Lawrence Ferlinghetti
happy friday the 13th 2 all!!
peace & love

up. dates.

so folks remember Doc's Music Hall now has 2 POETRY NIGHTS each month :) 2nd WED & 3rd THURS. next THURS. poetry night at DOC'S will receive a proclamation from the city celebrating NATIONAL POETRY MONTH.(cool, i know)
i hear some musician types from DOC'S will be playing at the WATERBOWL on saturday. Heather Marie will be taking some GREEN GLAM with her soooooo check out my ecologically correct jewels...REuse REclaim REnew :) DebbieDearest saving the landfills one piece of costume jewelry at a time. lol
peace & love & GREEN

I didn't ever think I'd have to write this one.

It's been awhile. I realize that sometimes life gets in the way of being able to articulate listening to music to just enjoy it, and making listening to music work.

Most of my time has been spent really behind my sweet Canon 60D snapping amazing photos of many of the shows that I go to at Docs Music hall and well occasionally other venues.


Hey Music Lovers. Just sitting on my front porch listening to Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds and LOVING this weather. It just makes me more excited for Festie Season to start. I know for a fact I'm kickin it off with MayDaze at the Water Bowl. You may or may not know that StikNite last year was my first Jam Festival and I had a FRICKIN BLAST! And I'm putting my faith in the Glostik Willy family to kick off the summer with one that will be hard to top!

For those of you who don't know, I just started bartending at Doc's Music Hall last week! Tonight is my last night training and so far, I've had a blast. Its just as fun to get everyone drunk as it is to drink with 'em! Only I make money and don't have a hangover in the morning :p

Street Team is growing great too! *see what I did there.... with the growing (going) LAWLSAUCE* Sorry too much coffee and sunshine. JOKE AGAIN! No such thing :) hahahahahahahaha ok. Time for me to go on a walk with a neck full of Muncie Gras beads!!!!!

Rock on Muncie

Pop Evil, Doc's Music Hall, Feb 17, 2012


I had been looking forward to seeing this show for a month, with all the radio play on 98.9 The Bear, that Pop Evil had been getting before this show, I knew I didn't wanna miss it.  And with a line-up like Man Made Machine, Otherwise, and Losing September, I just knew this was gonna be a show to hit for sure, and I wasn't disappointed! To top it all off, Amanda Rollen from 104.1 gave me two free tickets to the show, and my hubby and I both had free tickets from Doc's VIP Text Club, so i gathered a group of my best metal-head friends and got ready for the show of a lifetime!

The place was standing room only at 7:30 pm, even more packed than usual for Docs! Metal freaks from everywhere came crawling outta the woodwork for this all ages show...I even met a couple that follows Pop Evil around everywhere, from OH, who brought their 10 yr old son to watch the show. This kid knew how to throw down some devil horns and rock!

Pop Evil took the stage and the crowd went crazy! I had to fight my way to my usual spot down front, and let me tell ya, it was HOT down there! They threw down and went all out for Muncie, as they played several of their new tunes...I admit, we didn't leave without a copy of their new album, "War of Angels"...that album rocked, and I was glad to get such a good video recording of their hit single, "Boss's Daughter" (which you can watch on the video above). We moshed out, and enjoyed the metal madness of all the bands that nite, and a GREAT time was had by all!

Mike Martin knew what he was doing when he booked these bands together, and as far as Pop Evil goes...The show presence, the lights, and the absolutely ROCKIN metal style of this band, made for a nite THIS girl will never forget! Cudo's to Docs and Mike Martin for one HELL of a show!


Keep Rockin Ya'll...till next time,



Green Suga, Docs Music Hall, Feb 3, 2012




Green Suga w/Redic-u-lishous at Doc's Music Hall was a funkalishous experience....With such great musicians in Green Suga, like Chris Tupley with his Soulful Sax Sounds,  the keyboard master Kai Flanders singing some back up vocals, the guitar magic of Nathan Reese, the drum beats thrown down by Johnny Marbles and Wed (Michael Wedmore), it could only be woven together by the rap vocals of Tony Z. A recipe for a funky success, and I was ordering from their menu all night long!!!


If you see this band on the summer schedule, make time in your weekend for a little relaxin' and chillin....You'll come out a little funkier for it...lol...


Keep Rockin ya'll...




Downstait, "Senseless" @ Docs Music Hall, Jan 21, 2012



What a night!!! I got there late...but just in time to catch these kids with Downstait...I was rockin' amazed!!!!! This was the first time I had been to Docs Music Hall in Muncie, IN, in a LOOOONNNGG time, (there's a story there, just ask me about it sometime...lol!) and I was pleased to see the changes in the place in the last 10 years. We went up and got us a nicely priced drink in the sectioned off bar area...and then were lucky to get a couple seats and settle in for the show...'Course I went down front, where every great videographer wants to be...haha...

Let me tell ya...it was all I could do to hold the camera still, cuz I was ready to throw down some headbangin' in less than 30 seconds!!! DOWNSTAIT knows their metal, and got right in and got metal messy straight away. The crowd was screamin, and surrounded the stage, throwing lots of heavy luv at the band. I couldn't believe how many people came out and rocked, cuz the weather was spittin' ice and snow, our car was covered in ice when we left.

Just goes to show you how dedicated Docs and Downstait's fans are!!! Don't know when or if they will slide through Muncie again, but if you miss another chance to see them, YOU'RE CRAZY!!! I know I'll be there, down front--of course!

Keep Rockin Folks...till next time,


News from FM Music Laboratories

Recent News from FM Music Laboratories, the leader in research and development in the fields of experimental music promotion, music recording, and alcohol tolerance:


Our genetic experiment GE83385, which escaped from one of our fortified facilities in the Canadian wilderness in 2007, has continued to evade capture. The creature was created with a mix of genes from Micky Dolenz, Charlie McCarthy, and a rhesus monkey, and was raised with constant exposure to pop hip-hop and the Disney channel. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the abomination known as "Justin Bieber", DO NOT try to apprehend the creature yourself, as it is known to hiss and spray blinding acid when it feels threatened (just like Micky Dolenz). Please contact FM Music Laboratories for proper capture and disposal.


With the help of a grant from the Indie Rock Foundation, FM Music Laboratories has developed several new musical instruments that should be ready for purchase by the 2012 holiday season, which is plenty of time for hipsters to get some practice in before the next festival season:


After carefully setting up twenty-seven separate devices across your stage, a single marble set into motion will cause a chain of events that will, after several minutes, strum your choice of chord on the banjo! Wait, no. No, actually, just A minor.


This instrument is an eight-piped bagpipe with kazoos crammed into it that can only be played underwater. Comes with a free shutter-shade snorkel.


Exotic Australian aborigine / South African musical instrument or discarded rusty rain gutter? It all depends on whether or not you have a goatee when you play it! Comes with a do-it-yourself tetanus shot kit.


Well, I titled this blog post as "Slackin," but I am actually posting to ensure you that I am not slackin'. I am really excited to get this blog up and going, but it is simply inaccessible with our site the way that it is. I am working a lot with twitter as of now, until we get all of this fixed. Please follow us on twitter @fmmusiclive We'll be posting live music events and news, contest information as well as updates about our radio show!




What we learned:

Mike learned to talk from Kermit the Frog 

Heather Yoakam was an original Fraggle of Fraggle Rock




Segment 1:



Song List:

The Bears of Blue River - "The Joke"

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Mrs. Henry"

Steve Martin - "Blue River Waltz"


Segment 2:


Interview w/ Dr. Nathan Sane (Slim Whitman's biggest fan) + Carl 


Song List:

Slim Whitman's - "Indian Love Call"

Dastardly - "Freight Train"

Dastardly - "Fever"

The Bears of Blue River - "Celia Blue"


Segment 3:


"Babes love Alien Killers." - Gabe, Dastardly, Yodel-Off winnner


Song List: 

Gavin's Mom's REQUEST  - "If You Like My Body" 

(Send an e-mail to fmmusiclive@gmail.com with the name of the original artist to win a FREE TICKET into Doc's Music Hall)

The Bears of Blue River - "Yellow Belly"

The Bears of Blue River - "Good Spark"






Segment 4:



Song List:

The Black Belles -"Lies"

The Black Belles - "What Can I Do"

Duane Eddy - "Theme for Something Really Important"

Jeff the Brotherhood - "Shredder"

The Damned - "New Rose"

The Ventures - "He Never Came Back"


Segment 5:


T.Y. Booker (don't let that catch on)


Song List:

Neil Young - "Tonight's The Night Pt. II"

The Smiths - "This Charming Man"

Stephen Stivs - "three"

Casey Reid - "Underbelly Limbo"


Segment 6:

INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS ELLISON, owner of Center Stage, & TY "The Tie" HOWELL



Woody Gutherie - "This Land is Your Land"