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Original Band Program called BANDSTOCK

LA Zachary

BANDSTOCK is a division of Rose City Art Entertainment that is focusing on Original talent. We match up a room with and act, book the show and then promote the show, heavily. We not only send posters, we as a team, including the band will hand out flyer's near by, just like they do in LA, we will have group advertising in strategic places. We will record Videos and begin posting during the show, we will have Stage It shows where people at home can watch the shows, online store so that bands can sell merchandise all the time, not just during shows. We will work with multiple reputable promoters, book outstanding venues, and put bands on tour near or far from home. Marketing is key as well has having professional representation, let Rose City Art be the team to help your band achieve your goals by doing whatever we can do to help.

What is the catch? Bands must be 100% dedicated to their music, to obtaining new fans, selling merchandise, there is no room for "diva's" or impossible attitudes, and most of all be willing to promote, get as many fans to the show as possible. This makes for a better outcome for both the bands and the venues. This is a limited program, we will work with those we see promoting, working hard and of course quality recordings and professional presence. Venues will be offered a package for promoting as well, and we hope to be sure everyone is doing their part to put on a successful show.


We look forward to working with Doc's Music Hall!



paz shanti om

Street Teaming

Hey Music Lovers. Its been a minute.

My life has been a little... dull recently. I've decided that the best thing for me to get out of this funk is to focus on what I love. Surrounding myself and being hands on with local and regional music. I've become a new bartender at Doc's Music Hall since the last time you have heard from me. The Street Team has taken a little flop too, but we are still trying to make this summer fun and hit social media networks really hard.

I have also picked a couple of music festivals that I really want to help promote and volunteer. I was very involved with MayDaze and planned on being a large part of Stiknite in the fall. Sadly, Stiknite has been pushed until next summer just so we can figure out a few kinks and make it a better and safer environment. Until then, I want to focus most of my time on Rootwire Music Festival and Hyperion Music Festival!

Rootwire is held in Logan, OH. It is Papadosio's festival so you know it will be good!!! It is the third year, but my first year attending. My roommates have gone both of the previous years. It is a 3 day festival with wooden camping in the middle of nowhere OH. 3 Stages, workshops, art galleries, and yoga! UV Hippo, The Coop, Akara, Ott, See-I, and more are on the line up! August 16-18, 2012! $85 pre-sale so get your tickets fast! Can't wait!!!! (RST)

I don't know too much about Hyperion yet. It is at Stable Studios and is a Herm Production, sooo many lights to blow your mind! The Twin Cats, UV Hippo, Midwest Hype, Skeetones, and more to come. Its only $40 pre-sale, so a festival that won't hurt your pocketbook! September 14-16th. Look into it on facebook!

Thats it for now. About to grab me some dinner at Savages :)

GO 4 music 2 DOC'S Music Hall and check out "the big blue ART peg board" WALL!!

aerosol paintings and yogurt container earrings
show ends this week!! HURRY you don't want to miss seeing
this funky/COOL ART!!
i have enjoyed having my art hanging at DOC'S Music Hall...
thank you John Thornton & Mike Martin & Heather Marie Collins & Christie Barber Williams :)
sweet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's folks & as always...
peace & love & ART & POETRY & MUSIC

poetry night at DOC'S music hall :)

OPEN MIC/spoken word
NO cover-ALL ages
JOIN US!!!!!
peace & love & POETRY,

poetry night at DOC'S music hall :)

join me and my band of merriment spoken word artists! yaaaaaaaaaay!!
OPEN MIC/spoken word
(fresh ink bi-monthly)
peace & love & POETRY,

poetry night at DOC'S music hall>THURSDAY!!

NEXT open mic/spoken word
MAY 17th(THURS.)
NO cover
ALL ages
MAIN stage
come here some awesome ECI #spoken word!!!!
peace & love,

aerosol and old lace(tagged mirrors & earrings) still HANGING :)

come by DOC'S MUSIC HALL and check out my aerosol ART!!
it's hanging on the "BIG blue peg board ART WALL" :)
THANKS John Thornton!!
happy fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
peace & love,

happy B-day Mr. Dali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing
steadily ever since.”― Salvador Dalí
soooooooooooo all of the cool KIDS at Doc's Music Hall follow your PASSION...grow!!!
peace & love,
Debbie Dearest

spoken word LOVE!!

POETRY NIGHT at DOC'S Music Hall is tomorrow!!
Debbie Dearest will be honoring Mother's Day by reciting some "writes" from years past
written for my late mother, Rosemary Love Gindhart ♥
yay!! 6-8PM open mic #SPOKEN WORD