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The place that never closes, is actually closed...

I first burst back into the Muncie Scene in 2009... I didn't give Doc's a second thought. I went there 1 time back when a cute dude named Nick was bartending, there was a weird Karaoke guy with a huge love of Boys 2 Men duets, and bitches thought it was OK to just pic up a mic and get on stage and sing somebody else's song.


GREEN GLAM on the sidewalk!

GREEN GLAM on the sidewalk!
First Thursday/ARTS WALK
September 6, 2012
Wishbone Gifts, Inc.
201 South Walnut Street
Local green artist, Debra Gindhart Dragoo aka DebbieDearest :)
will sell jewels, "GINORMOUS hoops, AEROSOL earrings,
"AUTO CHIMES", PORCH chimes, painted mirrors, and more!!
come and see me & my GREEN GLAM...

POETRY NIGHT at Doc's Music Hall

come check out ECI spoken word artists
at Doc's Music Hall(monthly!!!)
Open mic
ALL ages
main stage...sign up EARLY :)

tomorrow isssssssssssssssssss POETRY NIGHT at DOC'S MUSIC HALL yay!!

215 south walnut street(downtown)
join ECI spoken word artists
OPEN mic/ALL ages/NO cover
sign up EARLY :)

POETRY NIGHT at Doc's Music Hall

third thursday's!
next POETRY NIGHT at Docs Music Hall July 19th
open mic share the #spoken word :)
6-8PM/new fliers SOON!
great group of ECI poets gather each month...JOIN US!! :)
peace & love & poetry

cyber attack via Nike "kicks" image = sucks!!

hey folks~
sooooooooooooooooo sorry for the absence here on the FMmusicLive blog
got cyber virus or some effing shit from a Nike "kicks" image on facebook
that's right and the spam compromised my pages there as well as my email
it sucked as well a few of you know i am OLD-ish and well otherwise tech challenged!!!!
OMG you have no idea how this new fangled internets makes my grey matter ache at
times!!?!!! hahahahahahahahaha
lol a lot
sort of
welp hope all is grand with you...COME TO DOC'S MUSIC HALL for epic shit
often :)
peace & love & GREEN always,

Normal City Cafe Reunion Concert/Larry Lumsey Memorial at DOC'S MUSIC HALL sunday!!!!

come out for a great time of tunes & spoken word AND perhaps a bit of comedy!!
thank you Mike Martin for hosting this talent gig :)
peace & love & ART

Spring-Time Shoot-Out Battle of the Bands @ Katmandu Bar n Grill, Jonesboro IN




Well this was my first BIG THING on the local live music scene...it was my start, it was my beginning, and its come to be my NOW. If you've never been to Katmandu Bar n Grill, in Jonesboro IN....THESE PEOPLE LOVE HARD ROCK AND METAL...No really, they freakin love it! Linda and Larry (the owners) may look like your average venue owners these days, but make no mistake...if you aren't great musicians, if you aren't rock, and if you don't have a little metal in ya....Then Linda will NOT be on your dance floor!! I'm proud to say that 'Lectric Lizard Promotions and Arthur/Shannon brought Linda her ROCK fix for sure with this Spring BOB of 2012.

Linda wanted to have bands from all over central IN vying for time at her venue. She also believes in LIVE LOCAL MUSIC, and is one of the biggest supporters of this that I know. So when I heard she wanted to bring more bands to her area, I agreed to do this battle with my partner Arthur, FOR FREE, to help the bands and the venue. Its not often I get a venue owner that is so open to the local music scene as she is, so I had my work cut out for me!

Lets start this out by saying, I have the BEST FRIENDS ever!! I really really do...for me its all about the personal relationships that I develop with those that I work with, that really does a body good...lol. Throughout this battle, I have met the BEST people! I'm gonna start with the beginning and go to the end (like every short story should do..lol), and name all the people that made this battle possible.

  1. Larry and Linda, owners of Katmandu Bar n Grill in Jonesboro IN, without THEM none of this was possible..Every winning band went home with $300 that night, even if the bar didn't make it. NOT ONCE did they change that, they believed in us, supported us, and made this battle HAPPEN!
  2. The staff of Katmandu Bar n Grill, they never let my drink water down, they serve the BEST bar food in that area (try one of their trash plates...yum), and they are well known for their Strawberry Long Islands. These people CARE, they were there every battle night, they didn't falter, and they VOTED as well! Kudo's to all the staff!
  3. My partner in crime (although we didn't always agree, we got just drunk enough where we liked each other...HA!) Arthur....blessings to you Arthur in everything you do in the future...I know it will be amazing! And to his wonderful wife, that kept me sane, grounded, and listened to me AND Arthur bitch throughout the 'whole thing'....There is a special place in heaven for you Shannon...I heart you!
  4. Our absolutely professional, talented and amazing bands that participated in this GRAND EVENT....without you, I wouldn't be me....It IS about the music, and make no mistake...I GET THAT!
  5. Our remarkably special, one of a kind fans (some of you who came to EVERY SINGLE BATTLE...and you know who you are!) Without YOU...we could not have kept going when the odds were sometimes stacked against us. Without our FANS...literally we are nothing, and I appreciate EVERY ONE OF YOU!
  6. My friends...and family that came out and supported ME...Tim, Staci, Randee, and Duece...MY FAM...thank you for your neverending support! But for Joe L, David J, Brad A, Nick, Chelsey, and that one older crazy chick I bonded with....as well as Chris W...I love you brother...and the countless other people I got too drunk and had too much fun with to remember...Thank you for the memories I have already forgot! I love that shit!
  7. Probably the BIGGEST thanks I could possibly give goes to Ted and Mikey...who took my sound problems, and made them POOF! disappear!!! These guys were my touchstone, my friends, as well as their lovely ladies. They kept the battle moving, never complained, and if I can throw them ANYTHING in the future, I owe them BIG TIME!
  8. My HUSBAND, Gary Herbert, that put up with everything going wrong, kept me from killing people, offered to hit anyone I wanted to hit, let me get a buzz every once and awhile, recorded some of the above video, and for rocking my world on a daily basis...Without you my love, I am NOTHING.
  9. And lastly, I've saved the most important thanks....my friend Brian Keller from LOVE STUDIOS...They graciously donated the GRAND PRIZE, which without it, we would have had a sorry ass battle for sure! They donated $1900 of Studio Time to the GRAND PRIZE WINNER. For all your studio needs, its not gonna get better than LOVE STUDIOS...and I'll tell you that for free!


We had the following bands participate:

  • Remedy Band (kokomo)
  • The Freakshow (muncie)
  • Epyon (muncie)
  • Dangerfield (eaton)
  • The Hired Guns (muncie)
  • When Not If (muncie)
  • Sugar Moon Rabbit (indy)
  • Hype War Machine (terre haute)
  • BodyBag (Marion)
  • Special Guests on Final Night: Black for Tomorrow (gas city)


My company, 'Lectric Lizard Promotions (yea...yea....shameless plug) gave free videos and custom pics to EVERY band that participated in the Battle. I can't say it enough, THANK YOU ALL for the wonderful experience you gave me, the lessons I learned along the way, and for the great friendships I've developed throughout. If you haven't found me on FB, please find your way to my page: Elisabeth Liz Herbert. Look for more battles, shows, and national events coming your way in the near future from my company. This battle was AMAZING, and it set out to do what we intended...WE LOVE LIVE LOCAL MUSIC...and we don't care about money or looking good...we care about YOU, the fans, the musicians, and the venue owners. YOU are what its all about. So thank you for sharing yourselves with me during this battle....I'm a better person for it!

For those of you on the edge of your seat.....The winner of my first battle was THE HIRED GUNS from Muncie. Look for HUGE things out of this band in the future...and hint hint, I hear that there may be another BOB in their future! Thanks for everything everyone...I am truly humbled by the local music scene, of which I am a big part of now, thanks to you all! *hats off to ya*


*contact Linda @ Katmandu bar n grill for booking info, find them on FB!

Liz Herbert

I found this blog Re: The Florida Trip on New Year's.

What can’t I say, and what can I say about the inaugural FM Music Travel’s Trip to Fort Myers Beach Florida… To be corny I could say, It was the Best of Times, and it was the Worst of Times. I feel like the worst of times was just me personally, and not anybody else… just ask about the comedy that I ended up doing and horrifying some parents… but I think that I horrified just about as many as liked it. I did get many compliments, and for some strangers who have never heard my set before that was pretty exciting.

FIRST THURSDAY downtown MUNCIE!! yay 4 ART!! :)

GREEN GLAM on the sidewalk at WISHBONE GIFTS, INC.
FIRST THURSDAY 5-8PM earrings, CHAINZ, AUTO chimes,
PORCH chimes, POETRY chapbooks and MORE!! :) yay 4 art!!
COME and SEE Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)