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A Uniquely Different Band

     I'm still boogeying from The Main Squeeze's performance at Folly Moon last Friday. They're like a sweet concoction of Jamiroquai and The Alabama Shakes. Each new jam in their set electrified the crowd and had them dancing like cosmo-stars. A show like this really demonstrates the versatility of Folly Moon as a venue. With the tables and chairs out of the way it's a regular dance hall. The beautiful Heather Bronge served up colorful jell-o shots in her saucy getup, enjoying the concert as much as every other patron. A highlight of the night for me was the badass keyboard solo by Ben "Smiley" Silverstein in a rendition of their song "Silly Vices". (The nickname suits him. I never saw him not grinning.)


     This show excites me for the live performances to come at Folly Moon. I hope to see everyone back for future shows that I'm sure will live up to the high expectations set by The Main Squeeze.


The Main Squeeze




On Friday, January 11th, The Main Squeeze took to the stage at Folly Moon in Downtown Muncie.  This Chicago based five-piece band blends the best of several genres of music including jam, funk, soul and rock.


Originally from Bloomington, IN, The Main Squeeze has been steadily gaining a fan base since forming in 2009.  The rhythm section consists of bassist Jeremiah Hunt and Reuben Gingrich on drums.  Their funky beats are complimented by guitarist Max Newman and keyboard player Ben "Smiley" Silverstein.  Rounding out the sound is Corey Frye.  Frye's vocals are reminiscent of the Golden Age of Motown with just the right touch of blues and soul.


Throughout the evening fans danced, shouted, bounced, and grooved to the constant waves of great vibes and harmonious energy flowing from The Main Squeeze.  There was a pleasant, outdoor music fest feel at Folly Moon, despite the fact that the show took place indoors in the middle of a cold Indiana winter.


The rhythm changes were tight and on the money and the riffing by Newman and Silverstein were top notch.  For a band that's only been together for a few years one can only imagine the types of sounds they'll be producing in the years to come.  If you've been looking to be impressed, The Main Squeeze will surely exceed any expectations you might have had.


If you were unfortunate to have missed the show, be sure to check out their tunes on Reverbnation.

The Main Squeeze interview pt 2

The Main Squeeze interview pt 1

Folly Moon

so I visited AND it's so BLUE & quite lovely!
congrats to Mike Martin, Doc Peterson, John Thornton & all!
goooooooooooo "Making Music Not War":)

a new YEAR:)

happy 2013!!
hoping it's brilliant for ALL!
happy monday 2:) so my art has turned back to knitting(yay)
hand knitted scarves 4 the land(Red-tail Land Conservancy) awesomeness!!
peace & love always,
Debbie Dearest

Wowed by The Main Squeeze

What a fun show at Folly Moon! The Main Squeeze took the floor at Folly Moon on Friday, January 11, 2012 and it was awesome! Now, The Main Squeeze always puts on a great show, but the intimacy of this particular show was incredible. Folly Moon is a small "joint," so the sound was amazing.

At this point I have used the adjectives fun, awesome, great, incredible, and amazing. End. Of. Story.

Check out highlights from the show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OglJbJwLwLk
We have other videos from the show in production! I shall keep you posted ;)

Styx has still got it!!!

I was lucky enough to see Styx last night! They played in Merrillville, IN, about 20 minutes from my hometown! I LOVED this show! Now, Styx does not play with all of it's original members, but you would never know it based on their sound. (Much like Journey, or Alice in Chains. I'll have to blog about those shows later!). They sounded great and looked good doing it!

James "J.Y." Young (Original "Styx" Member) – lead and rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals, additional keyboards (1970–1984, 1989–1992, 1995–present)
Tommy Shaw – lead and rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals, mandolin, autoharp, talk box (1976–1984, 1995–present)
Todd Sucherman – drums, percussion, backing vocals (1995–present)
Lawrence Gowan – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, additional guitar (1999–present)
Ricky Phillips – bass guitar, backing vocals, additional guitar (2003–present)

BUT they did have a guest bassist for a few songs, including "Come Sail Away." It was Chuck "chuckle" Panozzo, an original Styx member.
Chuck Panozzo (Original "Styx" Member) – bass guitar, backing vocals, bass pedals (1999–present; official member - 1961-1963, 1964–1984, 1989–1992, 1995–1999)

The crowd was awesome! I saw a group of kids, probably 5-12 who were rocking out with Styx tour shirts on, and little white-haired ladies in the front row going nuts!! It was amazing to see such a diverse group of fans!

Everyone on stage was entertaining, J.Y., the one original member seemed a bit old, but he still is a great musician. Tommy Shaw, who isn't an original member, but has been in the band since the 70's and is responsible for a good amount of their music, was awesome! He came out in some crazy leather pants and was really fun to watch throughout the show. Now, the one who really stuck out was the pianist and vocalist, Lawrence Gowan. He is the voice that "replaces" Dennis DeYoung. He sounds exactly like Dennis! Also, he was certainly a showman! He played a keyboard that rotated around so he could face any direction. He turned that thing around and played it backwards, and he also can play behind his back! It was pretty awesome to watch him! AND if anyone has got the moves like Jagger, it's Gowan! He danced all over the place, and was sooooo entertaining!

The only thing I was disappointed by was the fact that they didn't play Mr. Roboto, but after a bit of research I learned that they do not like this song. This song was written by DeYoung shortly before the band split. Performing and releasing this song was a factor in the arguments that split them up.

If you have the opportunity to see Styx, do it! Tickets were $45, and totally worth it!

Thank you Wikipedia for giving me the ability to quickly educate my readers!

Gettin' back to blogging!

Headed up to Folly Moon here in a bit to meet the intern applicants. So much more fun to meet them out at the bar than to do a formal interview. Plus Doc Peterson is performing and that's always fun! Freekbot is also performing later on tonight!

I am really excited to meet the potential interns! I have been doing a lot of dreaming about what this program could be, so excited to get this going!

For those of you who do not know, I am managing interns for FMMusic!

We are looking for interns in the following areas:

1. Public Relations: This intern will work directly with me to create a social media/awareness campaign. This person will also help to establish our policies and procedures for the development and execution of marketing plans in general. This intern will be doing a lot of social media management, so they must have a passion for social media or a true desire to learn. This intern will also need to have experience with graphic design.

2. Telecommunications/Production: This intern must have experience with the production and editing of videos. We will be video/audio recording each performance at the new music venue and be using those in accordance with our web strategy. This will be a late night job, but it will give the intern experience recording live music performances. We are working to establish a system for capturing, storing, editing and publishing content, and this intern will have a lot of input in this.

3) Web Design: We are looking for an intern with experience designing interactive web pages. Given the nature of our business, this will have to be quite an extravagant site, with frequent updates, uploading of video, blogging etc. This intern will also work on the newsletter that we distribute, as well as graphic design for those mediums.

So excited to get the ball rolling on this!
And have a nice night out.
Might finally try one of those burgers that everyone is talking about.
I have heard wonderful things!

If you know anyone that is interested in interning, let me know!

Grand Opening of Folly Moon and Masons Case at BHN

I am trying something new of live blogging my thoughts about musical experiences as they happen... its new.
Anyways I love Folly Moon. Its all the good things I loved about Docs. With none of the bullshit that either pissed me off or was just that beyond gross or frightening... most of that stuff still lives, but I swear its in Explorer 1... I know this because I cleaned it out once. I love Folly.

The grand opening was really not all the pomp and circumstance that I was hoping for... it was more. But the occasion was quietly rang in with Doc Peterson and Phil Dunn. It was busy the entire time I was there.... wine flowed like water, I had to try the burger special... really good, but there was a little too much bun for the burger IMO... but a DCB would be pretty perfect... with PICKLES. Good lord who has burgers without pickles? Only Mike Martin... There Will Be Pickles.

Phil Dunn cracks me up with his improvised songs... he sang about me... of course I was a little annoyed... it breaks my photographic concentration...

Excellent bluesy classic awesome music. I looove saxaphone and trumpet.
Headed down to be here now around 930 for Leon, the Ostler, Fossil Generation and Masons case... my phone is dying so I am gonna save this and finish it later.

I did promise to finish this blog, so I'm taking the time to do so right now! I must say that the Band Leon has a unique quirky sound with a female lead singer and what sounded like a keyboard dominated accompaniment. It blended so well with the vocals that it was hard not to love them. I don't know if they have a CD out, or downloadable music, but I would definitely reccomend checking out their next show!